Welcome to

Firebird Coaching

by Yanina Trubchanka, Co-Active Coach and Interpersonal Mediator

Coaching is an invitation to a journey

During this journey you are the main stakeholder and me is the one who’s walking next to you, not in front, not behind, but right next to you.

I invite you to explore your pathway

to cherish your uniqueness and cultivate your self-acceptance for more fulfillment, conscious choices and emotional healing. Let your uniqueness take wing!

About me

Why Firebird Coaching ?

The reason I chose the firebird as a symbol of my practice is linked to the archetype of this mysterious bird. In Slavic tradition it’s a miraculous bird whose plumage shines with fiery colors.  Only few beholders had the chance to witness this bird’s concealed whereabouts. With its lights it brings hope and renewal, while through its fire, knowledge and rebirth. I believe that coaching is a powerful source of light and energy.  The Firebird is also a “gold getter”, the first step to “go getter” which turns gold into jewellery.  Furthermore, it has a strong connection to “the bird’s eye view” and mirroring-the key tools of a coach.  Firebird spirit is also related to “reframing” and digging for metaphors, as well as to “self-management”- which I consider as important pre-requisites in my work.

What I offer

Welcome to Firebird Coaching

I’m a Co-Active Coach and Interpersonal Mediator. I invite you to explore more about coaching. The coaching process will be purposeful, challenging, and focused on visible results. Me as a coach will support you in what you want to achieve and will champion you in your progress towards your goals.

How I work

Coaching for me

To make a real change, tell yourself a different story.

Then own your story. Coaching for me is a form of alliance between the client and the coach in order to consciously walk through the changes between the current and the desired situation. It is about creating a trustworthy and safe space for exploring and testing of new approaches to life or work.The client & the coach are both engaged to partner on the journey and better address the objectives.

Coaching is NOT

Coaching is NOT a therapy

Coaching is NOT a consulting

Coaching is NOT an advice-giving

Coaching is NOT problem-oriented

Coaching is NOT comfortable

What's coaching?

Coaching IS solution-oriented

Coaching IS energetic and energizing

Coaching IS being in the moment

Coaching IS looking into the future

Coaching IS a creative journey

Coaching IS storytelling

Coaching IS brainstorming

What are my clients got to say

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A meaningful conversation named ”discovery session” of a 30 minutes is offered to you in order to clarify if your future coach corresponds to your needs and to your personality. Contact me by filling in the form.