I help my clients to bring


into their personal and professional lives

My approach to coaching

I help my clients to bring more of courage, self acceptance, awareness about their strengths coupled with aliveness; and less of disorder, tension and stress into their personal and professional lives.

Coaching is a journey

Coaching for me is an invitation to a journey. It’s a way to discover together with the coachee (YOU), your potential as well as all the aspects of your personality. Within this journey you are the main stakeholder and me as the coach is the one who’s walking next to you, not in front, not behind, but right next to you. You are committing to this journey by choosing the point of arrival, even though sometimes the final destination remains unknown.

Exploring all the possibilities

In this manner, it’s by walking and exploring all the possibilities which the landscape of life could offer, that you could find your sources of inspiration and change. Once in a while, it will be useful to dive into the whirlpool, sometimes there will be a need to swim upstream; and in other cases one should deal with a greater challenge, by simply remaining at the wharf to prepare for another major crossing.

Question of a choice

It’s a question of a choice and of a perspective according to the location point where you find yourself on your way. During this journey, it will be important to define or to re-define your role, to review your professional & personal path; to seize the present moment and, of course, to reflect upon the future, while using the past as a rear-view mirror.

What gives you energy

Then one could climb the mountain, by breaking it up in smaller units, or by changing its scaling side. While walking you could admire the seasons alteration, since nothing is fixed in the nature; in that respect, in coaching, we could then understand the importance of the energy and the attention.  It’s crucial to understand what fulfills you, what gives you energy and the reasons of its depletion; to clearly define to what you wish to say YES and to what you wish to say NO to. The energy flows where attention goes.

I invite you

I invite you to explore together your pathway, venture off the beaten track for more fulfillment, conscious choices and emotional healing.  The co-active coaching is engaging both partners: you (the coachee) and me ( the coach) into a meaningful discussion through a coaching process by encouraging deep listening, strong empathy and daring.

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