Focused on visible results

Me as a coach will support you in what you want to achieve and will champion you in your progress towards your goals. The coaching process will be purposeful, challenging, and focused on visible results.

Creating your own results

You enter the coaching sessions with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results. The specific content of the coaching sessions and information shared by you will be treated by me as privileged one and will be kept strictly confidential.

What are my clients saying


Coaching for me is a form of alliance between the client and the coach in order to consciously walk through the changes between the current and the desired situation. It is about creating a trustworthy and safe space for exploring and testing new approaches to life or work. The client & the coach are both engaged to partner on the journey and better address the objectives.


My coaching with Yanina was amazing: she invited me on a journey away from my analytical mind into the realm of my own imagination and back to myself again. I feel inspired and full of new ideas.


A thank you to Yanina for the journey we’ve made together. The work in which she accompanied me allowed me to know and tame my saboteurs in the private and professional sphere. I keep preciously and use daily the tools that she gave me, and I never cease to be surprised by all the beautiful discoveries that I make about myself!


It is obvious to many of us how quickly and radically the world around us is changing, we experience it on ourselves literally every day. But besides the outside world, there is also our inner one. When these two worlds meet, a lot of questions, difficulties and even diseases arise.

My work with Yanina helped precisely in my internal requests related to the restoration of integrity, with maintaining balance. Together we reflected on the following questions: How can I use my inner world to respond to the challenges of the outside world? How can I find balance in the professional world, through planning and internal discipline. How to develop your inner world, support yourself as a professional in order to answer external challenges?

Coaching helped me to seriously reflect on the main blockages in my life and to advance not only my career, but also to raise questions qualitatively, i.e. priorities in my life.

It seems to many that internal changes and surrounding/environment changes are two different things. But they are much closer to each other than we used to think. There is a principle of integrity: the correct resolution of issues contributes to the rearrangement of priorities, achievement of success and harmony.
As a result, I found my own rhythm of life and work, my unique way to be successful. I received an offer to work part-time, while simultaneously opening my own business. Yanina helped me facilitate real-time changes in real time.


Coaching by phone means taking time for yourself and being guided by a voice.

Yanina's is kind and gentle, but punctuated when it is necessary to emphasize certain essential points which lead to a better awareness. Silence, a suspended moment and then, we restart ... with appropriateness and attentive listening of what is happening in the present moment to meet my needs as the session progresses. It is, also and specially, her accent from elsewhere that makes her unique, because it easily invites us to travel. We can really speak of her work in these terms because it is indeed an inner journey.

The used method helps to let go. The use of metaphors helps us to move forward at our own pace, the images scroll through and while lingering there, they indicate a personal path to follow. After a few sessions, we come out bigger, more in line with ourselves and our life choices. Things make more sense because Yanina makes us discover a different reading of them, which highlights our questionings.
I was confident from the start because I knew her already but I was really surprised by the quality of her work. This experience made me change my position in a professional project and the transformation has helped me so far.

A big “thank you” to her for this exchange, which highlights her great availability and her intuitive intelligence.


I want to share my impressions of working with Yanina. This is my first coaching experience and it seems to me that everyone should try it.

I had a very diverse request for coaching related to my personal relations and professional development. The most valuable thing in communicating with the coach is the opportunity to discover for yourself that you yourself are often not able to see, because you are inside the situation. The coach shows that there are always options. But a coach does not tell you purely his opinion, instead she allows you to rise a little above what is happening, find the true reasons for actions, and change the course of events if you want it.

The most exciting was the session on finding the life purpose that drives and inspires you. When it comes to notion such as the meaning of life, it is for many of us, including me,could be perplexing. These concepts seemed to me immense and even unbearable. But Yanina very gently guides through associations, practices of imagination and even meditative techniques. And you really begin to understand yourself better, to see important things that always seemed to be with you, and at the same time were hidden. It opens eyes to all spheres of life - personal, family, the possibility of self-realization, the vector of development.

Coaching is a deep internal work that is carried out with the help of a very attentive, sensitive, tactful person who sees in you so many facets that you yourself could never have discovered.
Thank you again so much for taking so much time for our interaction and helping me make so many discoveries.

Would you like to know more about coaching?

Would you like to know more about coaching? Would you like to know if the coaching process is fitting your needs? A meaningful conversation named ”discovery session” of a 30 minutes is offered to you in order to clarify if your future coach corresponds to your needs and to your personality.

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Would you like to know more about coaching?
Would you like to know if the coaching process is fitting your needs?

A meaningful conversation named ”discovery session” of a 30 minutes is offered to you in order to clarify if your future coach corresponds to your needs and to your personality. Contact me by filling in the form.