Co-Active coaching

The co-active coaching is engaging both partners: you and me into a meaningful discussion through a coaching process by encouraging deep listening, strong empathy and daring.

What I offer

I am trained in Co-Active coaching, a model based on the principles of resonance and alignment, of doing and being; action and purpose. In February 2019 I completed my training with the internationally recognised CTI, The Coaches Training Institute.

What I offer

Coaching language

I coach in English, French and Russian. I provide you a choice of a language for our work together. This range of languages and switching from one to another allows me to broaden perspectives and seeing things differently, not only from linguistic point of view.

Scope of work

  • Support individuals in their professional and personal paths
  • Enhance your potential through empowerment, motivation and commitment
  • Encourage your self-discovery and growth
  • Facilitate resolution of interpersonal conflicts
  • Challenge the obstacles you discover and connect you to the most authentic self
  • Leverage your personal and professional communication
Typical client requests

  • Alignment on values, behaviors, actions and outcomes
  • Shift in work position and new cultural sensitivities
  • Clear understanding of Life Purpose
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills, impact and influence
  • Career development or change
  • Personal effectiveness and professional alignment

Practical Information

Free discovery session

A meaningful conversation named ”discovery session” of a 30 minutes is offered to you (free of charge) in order to see if me as your future coach matches your needs and your personality.

Coaching packs

I see the coaching journey as a process and for this reason I propose to work based on “coaching packs” of 6 or 12 sessions. During our discovery session we could discuss which tariff and timing plan is the most suitable to you.

Coaching Packs

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Would you like to know if the coaching process is fitting your needs?

A meaningful conversation named ”discovery session” of a 30 minutes is offered to you in order to clarify if your future coach corresponds to your needs and to your personality. Contact me by filling in the form.